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Category Archives: Writing Challenge

Hi, let me tell you something. My boss has allowed to fill up the space here. I’m sure, you know who my boss is. Somebody who said that I’m sweetly maddening.

I notice my boss frequent-ly sit in front of a flat, slim aquarium-like device. Sometimes my boss smile or laughing alone there. This makes me wonder, what happen actually. Does my boss go crazy or what, i ask myself curiously. Lead me to an in-qu-iry.

I stand up in front of that device. Firstly, my boss get annoyed because my body hinder my boss’ sight. My boss ordered me to sit. Thus i forgot my intention completely. Read More »


Writing, in my opinion, is a complex activity that demands all the best I have to put it in the form of text. This is a skill that will develop gradually; the more practice we have, the better text we can produce. Thus, if for some reason we stop to write, the skill will likely deteriorate. What if this happens in massive scale? I have slight anxiety about this.

The idea that writing skill will go backwards actually stems from my acute paranoia. It might be the impact of some dystopian novels I have read blended with fact of seemingly alienated use of proper language. Read More »

What is more resenting than constantly listening to the revolting harmony of anger orchestra?

As one sort of emotion, anger normally exists in our life. High-pitched voice, bursting of offensive words, annoying facial expression, all marks the state of anger. It’s one thing to get angry, but it’s another thing to control this sentiment. Are you just like me, still fighting to control it?

Controlling anger is an art as well as skill I need to master. On top of that, it is a lifestyle. I admit that I do not easily get angry, but once it comes to life, it becomes verbally dangerous. Read More »