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Hi, let me tell you something. My boss has allowed to fill up the space here. I’m sure, you know who my boss is. Somebody who said that I’m sweetly maddening.

I notice my boss frequent-ly sit in front of a flat, slim aquarium-like device. Sometimes my boss smile or laughing alone there. This makes me wonder, what happen actually. Does my boss go crazy or what, i ask myself curiously. Lead me to an in-qu-iry.

I stand up in front of that device. Firstly, my boss get annoyed because my body hinder my boss’ sight. My boss ordered me to sit. Thus i forgot my intention completely.

I find myself addicted to sit there eventually. I like to sit in front of computer. Yes, a c-o-m-p-u-t-e-r. I’ve learned to spell it correctly all this morning. Just because i feel warm there. A nice place to rest. A comfortable space to sleep. One day, I  see something fishy in the m-o-n-i-t-o-r. Fishes swimming from left to right, then right to left. Some fish come from a far distance,  swimming towards me. Hap! I jump. Right at the moment the fish dis-appear.

What a sight! I want those fishes to play around with me. Oh, I know that it’s just a dream.

I see something else. My boss saying she can go around the world through that device. It is nice to go to around the globe just by clicking something. I see my boss typing. I see on the s–c-r-e–e-n my boss communi-cat-ing with fellows. All I think in comical manner. I often spot my boss smile alone after reading a sentence appeared there. I know it come from my boss friends. Then she tell me that it is called b-l-o-g-g-i-n-g. My boss tell me what someone can do in it.


A world where you can do almost anything. It give you hope, fun, love. It may also give you night-mare. What? All I know, a mare would be locked in her stall at night. Those two-legged giant creat-ures have created this strange world. The world wild web. A cat can be abducted.

Remember Nez, that is compli-cat-ed. You’ll become someone. I remember she said to me. But my curiousity grows larger than that of curious George. This is something that I think I will enjoy.

So I ask my boss if there is a chance for me to do so. Who knows i will meet another cat. Cats who come from unkown place in this world. Then my boss say yes. Then my boss let me write here. and this is my first p-o-s-t. Yes, a post.

Oh, you wonder how my boss understand me? It’s not a secret. We are connected. Yes. Once you can connect to your cat well, you will likely be able to communi-cat-e.

I want to know how to say meow in Chinese, Arabic, and Spanish. I want to see fishes from other countries. The Japanese scent of mice. I want to greet Mr. Lion. He is the only beast I adore so far. For his strength. But, is there any lion-blogging? Sure, I want him to share his remark-able knowledge.

I know blogging is a cat pri-vi-lege. At least here in my sur-round-ing. I have never seen a human being bringing computer near a cow. Or share his place with those impolite chickens, while blogging. That’s the fun of being a cat. A liter-ate cat. An edu-cat-ed cat is different from a well edu-cat-ed man. I bet grammar police will seize me if they ever read this. And I’m sure this make you a bit in–con-ve-nient. in reading. I beg your pardon.

I hope you enjoy. Thank you.

See you another time.


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