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What is more resenting than constantly listening to the revolting harmony of anger orchestra?

As one sort of emotion, anger normally exists in our life. High-pitched voice, bursting of offensive words, annoying facial expression, all marks the state of anger. It’s one thing to get angry, but it’s another thing to control this sentiment. Are you just like me, still fighting to control it?

Controlling anger is an art as well as skill I need to master. On top of that, it is a lifestyle. I admit that I do not easily get angry, but once it comes to life, it becomes verbally dangerous.

Choosing discordant sound to represent anger will likely threaten the bond of friendship. Even though I can do that, I actually dislike the idea of cutting people out of my life. When I get angry, most of the time I just release it in silence. More often than not, people around me fail to recognize when anger gets hold of me.

Anger is like boiling water. I find its wheezing and bubbling sounds  exceptionally spine-chilling, let alone its power. Just imagine if the heated water is in large amount; how powerful the effect of the simmering ocean will be?

I keep the sound of anger drowning in the sea of quietness. I avoid the general way of its expression, e.g., shouting out loud or randomly spitting unpleasant words. I do not like to hear such speech and I hate others hear it uttered from my mouth. On the surface level, I want to change its sound into something harmonious. I want people to hear the easy rhythm version of my chaotic thought, the softer tone of wrath. It doesn’t mean that I am specious, I just let the calming down process occurred inside.

Another thing that I think crucial to do is determining the source of anger. Injustice, tyranny, lies, and deception are surely maddening, but personal attack needs more consideration. It’s like a mirror where I can look at myself. It’s the sound calls for identification. Composing a delightful symphony of anger is a lifetime effort worth striving for.

This video intensifies the nuance of this post  ^^

Written for  Weekly Writing Challenge: The Sound of Blogging

*emotion, however subtle, plays a role in blogging


  1. Well said. Anger can be controlled and even extinguished. I probably would write about the way I went about mine. Lovely post!

  2. wow … I lke to listen this kind of music !!

    btw, everyone has a different kind of ways to manage their anger
    according to me I prefer to ride my bike , following by thousands birds, deers etc
    and when I back home, I see no anger and got a lot of beautiful pics 😛

    • yeah.. i’m glad you like seems that you have a strong preference toward classical music 🙂

      it’s true that there is no ‘one size fits all’ way in anger management.
      i believe yours is very exciting and maybe we can call it productive anger 🙂
      thank you!

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